In our continuing effort to bring our GraceNet family the very finest in web hosting, we are preparing to roll out three new and extremely powerful tools.
1.)  Remote, multi-storage web site backups.  This GraceNet original service is designed to backup your entire web site including files, email account, images,databases.... EVERYTHING!  The backups will be stored in a fully restorable format and sent daily to remote and heavily redundant storage..... More to come.
2.)  WordPress backup and site version management.  This vital service will assure your WordPress data is safe and current with all valid security in place.  Core software and plugin versions need to be kept current but can be a tedious job. Not anymore!....More to come.
3.)  Site Accelerator and Firewall.  We have revamped our already excellent Content Delivery Network to make it even better.  Deliver your web site files, images and media faster and with greater reliability than ever before. Automatically protect your site from a huge array of assaults so as to provide the best web experience possible to your viewers... More to come.

Friday, May 23, 2014

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